Friday, January 18, 2008

distilled vinegar is my friend!

so after almost a year of not blogging i suddenly feel the urge again. somehow with facebook as a place i can post regular updates, it doesn't quite seem to make sense that i should also be posting updates here. now with mirrorblog app, i can post here and it still shows up on facebook. yay!

i just have to share the most amazing experience of my afternoon. for over a week my espresso machine, probably my best friend in my apt besides my laptop and my bed, hasn't quite been working. while some people might think to throw it away and get a new one, i was determined to find a way to fix it myself.

after a bit of searching, i found some instructions for 'descaling.' basically, i poured white distilled vinegar into the top of the machine (where the water usually goes) and turned it on (without coffee in the filter basket). you would not believe the disgusting grime that came out! the vinegar was light brown and had all kinds of yucky gunk, not just coffee grains.

as it turns out,there's still something wrong with it...but it's good to know there's an easy way to clean it!

shabbat shalom.