Thursday, April 28, 2005

pesadik restaurant!

...she'hechiyanu, v'kiyamanu... my first time eating out at a k for p restaurant! so cool! meet ab for dinner after 'work' at the Teva office. now that i think is real freedom.

am excited to get up early to make some quinoa for pot luck lunch at 'the office'
will i go to brooklyn for a play? will i go to queens for matzoh lasagne? or will i go to the limmud meeting? i feel like chilling. taking it easy. deciding at the last minute. sarah is on the path to chillitude. thanks for the tip, ab.

my bed is calling me...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

online passover animations rock

50 cent does the 10 plagues - Shabot6000

the newest jib jab - matzah rap

everyone's favorite -

pesach vacation on the couch

well now that i have the time to be checking other people's blogs, i figure i can start mine up again. i'm really not going to spend the whole week on the couch...and it's not even like i go back to classes once pesach is over. it's all a dream really that i may not wake up from until classes start in sept...

i only have one final left - 5 megillot & jonah, may 4 - and besides that just a few part time jobs over the next few weeks. i have a ton to do though ... apply for summer job (camp ramah in the berkshires), apply for fall job (probably Derekh Torah), a few more classes for west end synagogue, and a few small projects for Teva. oh yeah and there's also cleaning/organizing my room, finding a summer subletter, and finding a new roommate for aug. 1. now that is some serious business.

maybe if it doesn't rain on sun i will make it to the brooklyn botanic garden.

here's a highlight from tu bishvat photos:

Shirley and Liz!

aaron on the dij

yakir, chana, joe, sarah
(yes i know they are from jan 25 and that was 3 months ago)
for the rest, click here.
more photo links as they arrive!