Wednesday, July 28, 2004

good morning!

well it's my second to last day of summer classes. wahoo!

today i also have to meet with BZ and EH (hebrew not english initials...) to plan kz (kol zimrah)-sty(le) services for next week at NHC institute. enough acronyms for you there?

tonight we take WC out for his last night in nyc. so far he's doing pretty well showcasing his jewelry designs. i am really taken by his platinum "infinity ring." i'm not a jewelry gal, but this thing makes me want to fall in love; it symbolizes more than just a piece of expensive jewelry /:

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A Jewish critique of Bushism

Check out Jewsweek's "A Jewish critique of Bushism" - part one and part two, both written by Zeek's Jay Michaelson.

Monday, July 26, 2004

bike day

today, in addtion to be cleaning day, is also bike day. i think it's about phase 6 in my bike saga.

phase 1: decide i will have a bike in nyc

phase 2: get parents to transport brother's old toys-r-us huffy bike from garage to nyc apt

phase 3: watch bike take up space in apt

phase 4: get bike-expert-friend JF to inspect bike, only to tell me there are 10 things wrong with it but it will still only take less than $20 to fix it if i do the mechanics myself. ha.

phase 5: bring bike to bike shop only to be made fun of for having crappy old bike. buy bike parts and ignore bike store worker's advice to invest in a new bike for $180. also ignore bike store worker who wants me to pay him for the mechanics. ha. oh yeah and buy a helmet of course! parts: $16, helmet: $40. i'm so close!

phase 6: hazon buddy ss is coming tonight with tools. am i nearing the phinal phase yet?

welcome note

welcome to my blog! here's a place to watch for ramblings, questions, and my opinion on all kinds of things you may or may not have wondered about.

as for today, i'm spending it doing a huge overhaul of my apt. in a week i'm moving out and subletting my roomm for a month, so i need to do some serious cleaning and packing. i decided in the end to invite my brother to help--don't worry, i'm giving him $50 and lunch.