Sunday, November 26, 2006

cute frogginess and bagel rant

here's a photo of rafael's recent visit to nyc. i just got back from lexington where i was visiting with my famiy since tuesday.

for some reason, i'm telling myself that i'm on a health-food kick. the weekend before i left for boston, i was inundated with bagels and pizza. i found myself eating one, two, even three bagels per after day! i'm honestly not a huge calorie freak, but one bagel a day for three days in a row, that's just too much. i once read that eating a bagel is the equivalent of eating five slices of bread! considering i rarely eat white flour bread but almost always eat white flour bagels, it's just whack for me to have a whole bagel ever, let alone many bagels day after day. yes of course i love bagels -- but a girls' gotta have a limit.

the good news is that my roommate and i just cleaned out our refrigerator. therefore, we are starting with a minimal amount of everything. i'm not in a place yet of cutting any one thing out of my diet; rather, i plan to go back to my plan from last year: two meals a day that are particularly healthy, with a third meal of whatever i want. for examle, yogurt smoothie for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and quinoa, veggies & tofu for dinner. with that, i also plan to keep going to the gym 3 days a week, and hopefully hit 4 or 5 days.

somehow now that it's in writing, it seems more official. next week: MORE FRUIT.

when i got home tonight, i made a huge pot of quinoa, kale and tofu that i divided into 5 servings, some for this week and the rest for the freezer. my roommate and i also made a huge pot of 13 bean soup with vegetarian beef broth, onion soup mix, and carrots & celery. definitely on our way. am i too proud of myself?