Wednesday, November 30, 2005

the countdown begins

two weeks left until my finals. two weeks from tomorrow i leave with Israel Experts. today promises to be a long day of camping out in the library. some people would focus on "vacation is around the corner." however, since i chose to be a student and i actually enjoy being a student most of the time, what i need to really to is enjoy these two weeks. be excited about my papers. be psyched to review all the hard work i did in preparation for my finals. and fall in love with the library all over again! i'm ready!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

okay i admit it

i am overwhelmed. i have 2 papers, 2 finals, 5 hebrew school classes to teach, 5 lesson plans to write for when i'm away, princess pasuk debut at the 92nd st y, plus going to regular classes, eating, sleeping...oh yeah and leading KZ this Fri. i forsee two saturday nights IN and many chinese takeout evenings with NS. so far so good. must pace self. the new plan is to finish both papers by monday; this way i can study for the finals for the rest of the time.
did i mention i leave for israel dec. 15?

Saturday, November 26, 2005

new photos of my nephew

over t-day break i got to spend a lot of time with my 5-month old nephew, raphael. he really likes to grab everything he can and put it in his mouth. he also likes it when i sing to him and make kissy noises. the best ever is when i make him laugh. such a cutie!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

i've figured myself out

next time someone asks me what do i do, instead of saying i'm a jewish educator or a grad student, i should just tell them about my morning today. i think it really defines me:
-woke up 10 min before my alarm (8:50am)
-checked email immediately; made plans to see cousin tomorrow, friend from israel on friday, still indecisive about shabbat [okay it's tuesday that's allowed]
-emailed friend in israel
-watched 20 min of dawson's creek
-read essay on eruvin; glanced at the daf i'm supposed to read for wed
-packed my backpack for the day: apple, harry potter, jps tanach, notebook for biblical archeology class
-checked the weather 5 times
-said hi to mom on IM
-emailed boss about cinderella dress needing more sparkles for parsha princess [more on this later!]

okay time to run to class...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Everyone should read Zeek Magazine

1. Point browser to
2. Choos article
3. Read
4. Expand mind
5. Be challenged
6. Think more deeply and intentionally about the world